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November 06, 2020

Activating Your Senses

By Lark Keeler

Fall is my favorite season full of the best smells, tastes, sights, and sounds.  Savoring fall means soaking up all things pumpkin spice and mindfully enjoying warm cider with cinnamon, the beauty of the trees changing, and the sound of crunching leaves.  Although some of those favorites might be a bit of a stretch here in South Florida, we do the best we can, eagerly welcoming the cooler breezes and cozier clothes. 

What is your favorite food or drink of the fall?  Try savoring the deliciousness in a new way.  Eat or drink it using all of your senses, slowly and full of awareness.  Pause while taking that bite or that sip and consider all of the people that it took to bring those ingredients to you.  Send them gratitude.  Can you taste the sun and rain in that bite of apple pie?  It took both to grow the apple you now are enjoying.  How decadent!

As art educators, activating our senses can refresh and revive us from dullness and savoring can promote happiness.  It can support our creative thinking and connection making.  Spend some time this month tuning in to your senses.  What are the smells around you?  Can you name or describe them?  Can you find four orange things in the space where you are?  What sounds can you hear?  Are they near or far away?  This gentle engaging of the senses enhances our everyday existence and can encourage you to reflect in new ways about common experiences.

Savor and enjoy these 12 Beautiful Autumn Scenes found in a variety of wonderful paintings.



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