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October 23, 2020

Positives That I Have Learned from Long Distance Learning

By Janice Bettiga

Positive things I have learned from long-distance teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic:

- My happiest moments are when Zoom starts and my students are there. I miss being with  the students, but seeing their faces and  hearing their voices is still the best part of the day.

- Children want to learn and yearn to continue in long-distance learning despite the obstacles.

- When my dog interrupts a lesson, she provides relief to some students and the  stress of learning through Zoom.

- Parents have been supportive even with the struggles of working and juggling their children’s learning at home.

- Children provide happiness and hope to the challenges of Covid.

 - My colleagues in NAEA and CAEA have been supportive and helpful during this time, and I am so grateful.

 - I continue to learn to use many new technology tools that I know I will use even when long-distance learning ends.

- I am grateful for all that CAEA and NAEA do to support me during this time by providing materials, new tools, professional development, book clubs, happy hours, etc.

- I look forward to talking to my colleagues in Zoom and am so happy about the collaboration and support that  I receive.

- Being able to practice mindfulness between Zooms has been the key to finding some self-care during the day.



Greta Kelley

It is so important to remain positive especially in these unprecedented times. These positive observations are exactly what we as educators need to hear and keep in mind in order to keep doing our best.

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