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February 04, 2019

She’s an art teacher...

By Sandra Cress

She’s an art teacher named Sandy Cress
She has a small classroom that’s quite a mess.
She teaches K- Eight
It must be her fate
for it slathers her palette with happiness.

While long seeking out her career,
She tried electrician, welder and cashier
She’s older, wrinklier and wiser.
And now she’s lead creative advisor
on how to invent like Di Vinci and paint like Vermeer.

She’s good at collecting art materials
Like boxes that once were for cereals
With this the kids will innovate
While using said trash to create
A sculptural gadget that may grip, grind or peel.

Much science is used in her Art Lab
Where risks and mistakes are encouraged
She experimented with a professional bio        
With rhythm, cadence and rhymo.
It’s light and its fun, and it’s how she keeps her kids from being discouraged.

- SC


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