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December 29, 2018

Is anyone out there?

By Shelly Breaux

Just when I feel like I am getting the hang of this whole blogging thing, my month is almost up. Over the past month, I have been making list on top of list of topics I could possibly blog about. It was easy to share my space, my experiences and a few of my favorite lessons. All along wondering if anyone was reading these? Is anyone out there?

I guess it is time to get into the not so fun topic. The topic without pictures. Curriculum. If you are reading this, I have questions for you.

I want to know what your curriculum looks like. Who wrote it? Does it connect to the National Standards? What is your Scope and Sequence? Do you have one that your school district follows? Do you write your own? What does all this look like for you?

We have recently started revisiting our curriculum in our parish. (I am from Louisiana, we have parishes like you have counties.) We had several reasons as to why this all started for us. I won’t go into that as that may just bore you. When a group of us got together to tackle this task, our first question was were do we start? What are others doing?

The more we got into this, I started thinking if others in my state are doing the same thing. We should really be doing this on a state level. In the state of Louisiana, this has been neglected for decades. It is time for a facelift. At our state conference, I reached out to others and was excited to learn that others have been having the same conversations.

So here I am wondering what are others in our nation doing? How is this handled in your state? How is this handled in your district?  Can we start this conversation?

- SB


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