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July 31, 2016


From: Diane Wilkin

It’s amazing what eight days can do! I was planning to share visual art collaborations (I will) but I have additional thoughts after a state leadership retreat followed by the NAEA Artistry of Leadership gathering.  

Student family portraits (colors, textures, objects, size…) hang as a community. 

Like you and me, students need to learn to work together, and what better place than the art classroom.  They also need to engage their spaces and engage in the educational dialog.

Craft/Design students created stained glass to enhance a doorway in Truman HS, Levittown, PA

Elementary geometrics, ceramic symbolic tiles and an Empty Bowls Art event to help the hungry.  Arts for social action and enhancing community spaces.  (Bristol Township SD, Levittown, PA)

PA Art Ed leaders shared time and creative energies. Canvases were begun, placed in a central location for others to take and continue, and returned to the central location until deemed finished by a participant and placed on the wall. Admittedly, a few were taken off the wall and reworked as well. Where are they located now?  - On exhibit at the PA Department of Education offices

Collaborations in art education present in a variety of ways. The collaborations at the PAEA and NAEA leadership gatherings will have artifacts of a different sort – organizational benefits, policies and procedures, enhanced member opportunities…and more. 

Blog%207%20pic%205Art Educators at work – learning together, sharing ideas, and joining together to enhance programs and policies in the field of art education. 

And where does critical thinking fit in all of this- that act of analyzing and evaluating? Well, where doesn’t it?  

HS Communication students collaborated on a Menger’s Cube Wall, with a screen printed message.

As August begins, a new voice will come to the blog, I wish you the best. Perhaps we’ll cross paths in a future collaboration! 



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