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I am not a bit surprised by the fact that the number of students, by the eighth grade, who have attended an art museum fell dramatically since 1997. It is my experience that the funding for going to museums (mainly, paying for a bus for transportation, sometimes entrance fees to the museum) is just not there.

My experience has been that the money is not there and the paperwork is never done "correctly", yet there is not a person to tell you how to actually complete the paperwork "correctly". I worked in a low-performing elementary school last year. Beyond the headaches involved with trying to set up a field trip, I honestly did not trust the behavior of the students to want to bring them anywhere. This is mainly due to the lack of disciplinary procedures upheld by the administration. They would claim that "if your behavior is not acceptable, you won't go on the field trip, attend the fair, etc."... but this was never the case. After observing several instances of students essentially being "rewarded" for their bad behavior, I gave up.

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