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I invite proposed chapters for a new anthology regarding the theme of virtual world (3-DMUVE) explorations with emphasis on developing new literacy (ways of processing knowledge) proficiency in reading, writing, computers, and imaging, among others. Computerized learning platforms involve hardware architecture or software application frameworks. By end of 2011, Gartner Inc. (2007) predicted that 80% of active Internet users would have a presence in some virtual world. As young as six-years-old, children are dressing their avatars, decorating their rooms, and networking with friends on Club Penguin and the Pet Society. Even senior citizens are starting their own Geezer Brigades on Second Life. . Virtual world teaching requires ”pedagogy for uncertain times…open…daring…risky.” So how do we teach, read, learn, and assess learning in these new worlds?

Please send a 300-word proposal, working chapter title, short bio and contact information electronically to mary.stokrocki@asu.edu by June 31, 2010. Both short articles (3-5 pages) and longer (12-15 pages) will be considered. Articles will follow APA 6th edition format. Thank you. Dr. Mary Stokrocki, Arizona State University.

Children as young as 6-years-old are participating on Facebook in summer camp classes, bounded by Security walls, showing their artwork from Paint, Photoshop, Club Penguin, Pet Society, and showing Machinima on YouTube.

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